Monday, December 1, 2014

Winter has Arrived

It is the first of December here in South Korea, and our first snowfall has fallen. It is not sticking yet, but it is pretty when it falls.  :-)  It was rather pretty, and I could not be happier, since it did not snow before December.  :-)  Now the sun is peeking out, and a few flakes still fall ...

Oh, perhaps I spoke to soon.  It's coming down again fast and sticking, maybe.

Yup!  it is!!!  Excited students.  :-)

Ahh, the sun is out again ... All in 15 minutes.  :-)

This morning, in the middle of a class discussion of the viewpoint differences of Darcy and Bingley in regards to marriage eligibility of the Bennet sisters, one of my students very excitedly interupted, "Ohhh, look Miss Katie, it's SNOWING!!"

It's a rather nice way to start December.  Not like this tummy bug that kept me down & out yesterday, and is still twingy today.  Thus, students in my US History class are working on projects today.  Standing, walking around, talking a lot ... all rather uncomfortable as I discovered this morning with English I.  So glad we needed a project day - they have three major projects they are working on this quarter.  It was going to be Friday, but that is OK, today works fine for me.  They are a good class too.  Turn on some Christmas instrumental music, let them have time and they work so nice and quietly.  I love these kids!  Ok, I love all my kiddos!

Last night, several students had questions for their various projects and homework.  As they sent me questions, and I responded they figured out I was not feeling well.

"Are you sick teacher?  ㅠ ㅠ"
"I pray for you to be cure"

And other such messages.  Such sweethearts.

I want to go back to bed.  Laying down is the most comfortable ... in an hour ...

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